Paragliding Tourism Attractions in Kuta, Lombok

You are on holiday to Lombok but confused what to do in Lombok? Let’s play paragliding with the atmosphere and flying experience that you get is clearly different from flying by plane.

flying using paragliding we can enjoy super beautiful beach views with open views without anyone blocking the eye. this certainly cannot be judged by matter because the tour is really to look for eye and inner satisfaction.

Tandem paragliding is an adventure tourism attraction that you can do on Kuta Beach, Lombok. If in the past paragliding was only known on the many unfortunate mountains and on the Puncak Golden Mountain in Bogor and on the Timbis coast of Bali, now it can also be done on the island of Lombok.

Lombok is known for its paragliding paradise, from a paragliding site on the beach to a paragliding site in the mountains located in Sembalun. therefore, you can choose to fly anywhere or even more complete if you fly in both with different scenery, namely beaches and mountains.

There are several flying locations around Kuta beach which are located close to the center of the crowd in Kuta Lombok. the choice of location depends on the direction of the wind so that it can be ascertained every day to be able to fly because paragliding is very dependent on the direction of the wind.

the problem of beach and sea views guaranteed all paragliding locations in kuta and its surroundings have an extraordinarily beautiful attraction. certainly you will be stunned when you see the best white sand beach in Indonesia from a height of floating in the air.

We provide pilots who have high tandem, experienced and professional skills. they have been flying for years so they are very proficient in the technique of flying and reading the weather so they know the safe time to fly.

paragliding is actually harmless and very safe. but it must be done using good equipment with the right procedures and in good weather.

for those of you who are interested in trying tandem paragliding attractions, especially those who live in Kuta Lombok, we will pick you up at the hotel where you stay. if you are outside Kuta Lombok then we will be waiting for you at our office near the Segara Anak Hotel and take you to the location of take of. We also provide a shuttle at the hotel where you stay outside the Mandalika area, transportation costs depend on the distance and near where you stay.

We do not recommend those of you who have a history of heart disease and are afraid of heights to exercise for this adrenaline test. this as an anti-activation happens what is not wanted.

for insurance, we provide an insurance agreement that must be signed before flying, this needs to be done so that in the future when things happen that we do not want the customer to get what he wants.